The Writing on the Wall

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This is the play that was commissioned in 2006 by Northern Constabulary (now part of Police Scotland) and Vandalism Action Group.  It toured to age 11-15.  The forty minute play was designed to fit into school timetables and PSE/Citizenship Work.  Smarts is a good laddie at heart, but the pressure from friends to do the wee things they think cause no real harm, escalates to danger.  By turns funny and hard, The Writing on the Wall shows consequences for actions and behaviours.

Best performed by:  Adults or adults with teenagers

Suitable for classroom script reading?  Yes

Audience Age best for:  11-15 and adults working with teens

Curriculum benefits:  PSE, Drama, English, RME, plus health and wellbeing or citizenship projects

Running Time:  40 minutes

Cast:  4 minimum     I adult male, (option to be actor/musician), 1 adult male able to play teen, 1 male able to play 15, 1 female able to play teen-adult.  Opportunity to multi-role or add actors.

Sound & Light:  Works well without lighting.  Pre-recorded sounds and music needed.  Possible singing and live music.

Set:  Can be simple or complex

Costume:  Modern