Writing & Scripts

frankie and Catriona 1943

Ilona’s first Edinburgh Fringe Production: 1943 Classic B&W

Ilona has written many plays, and these have been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe, across Highland Schools, in London and around the country – the most unusual place being, Kempton Park Race Course and Sudely Castle.  Her writing has often come from commissions by organisations, who need to create a “live” way of exploring issues with groups.  Other work has often been a result of youth and community projects, and some has been specially created for events. Look to your left and you will find all of our scripts including a break down of themes, running times, character M/F ratios, plus reviews and photos to illustrate the look of the show you could create or have produced.  If you are looking for a great youth theatre script or original large cast show, you might just find it here, and our licence fees are negotiable according to your funding.

Need something new….talk to us….we can write for you and with you.


David and Ilona are becoming more in demand to write adverts that really stand out for listeners in Lochaber and beyond.  What’s more we can perform, record and edit it ready for you. Our voice over artists are local, so costs are lower.   Our adverts are great for local and digital radio, websites and social media.


Creative Writing Workshops  Since 2007 we have been facilitating creative workshops.  Most recently Ilona led the “You Time” sessions at Fort William Library, and the sessions for UHI in Lochaber.

While our heart is in theatre, we love encouraging others’ work, be it short story, novel development, illustrated child books or lively non fiction.  Try one of our writing days or why not have us come along to your event and let us facilitate a workshop?

Photo 03-11-2014 15 53 27

Loch Leven. A wonderful stimulus for creativity

We are in a unique position to be able to offer you not only script development – but the actors to devise with.  Got an idea for a show, an advert or even a short performance at a conference?      Book us and play with us!