A Jolly Christmas

This is a very funny yet sweet tale of a family almost too busy to be together on Christmas Eve.  Bookended by the realistic rush to Christmas, this has a magical middle with all the wonderful characters that make the festive season from Santa to Angels.  Go on, give your school a treat and choose something to delight mums and dads and make them laugh.

“Hilarious” “Awhhhh!” “Brilliant to have something different” were three remarks parents made after watching this last year.

Best performed by:  Children and maybe a teacher or two.

Audience Age best for:  All Ages

Curriculum benefits:  Drama, Art, History

Running Time:  around 40 minutes

Cast:  A small class or a huge school!

Sound & Light:  Can be simple but we love it with a bit of pzazz.  A little colour, music and sparke make it more magical.

Set:  Can be simple or complex.  Why not make it part of your curriculum work?

Costume:  Some fantasy and the rest modern.