In 2000, this play went to the Edinburgh Fringe, and played a few spots around the Highlands, gaining good reviews. A uniquely Scottish take on the Adam and Eve Story, full of rough humour and big questions asked in broad Scottish accents.  The Garden has a prologue that tells the story of Creation, which you can choose to do or not.  A favourite with older youth theatres.

“Written in lively, accessible, urban Scots, this play is enormous fun.  A wonderful show.”  The Scotsman ****  

Best performed by:  Adults or older teens.

Suitable for classroom script reading?  Yes

Audience Age best for:  12-adult

Curriculum benefits:   Drama, English,  Art & Design, IT (for possible projection/film work), Technical subjects (set building, HE (costume), RME.

Running Time:  Around 70 mins.  Can be run with or without short interval.

Cast:  3 male, 2 female, 1 either gender.  Other parts may be added (ie other animals)  If doing the prologue, then puppeteers needed.

Sound & Light:  Pre recorded, but live could be possible.  We can provide you with music CD.  Would benefit from well designed lighting.

Singing and Dancing:  Possible to put singing in, a little dancing.

Set: Simple or Complex.  Opportunity for puppets and UV show.

Costume, Hair and Make up:  Full animal bodies and faces plus two “naked” suits.

Adam meets Eve

Adam meets Eve