masterminded by Ilona Munro to the high standard we have come to expect”  The Bridge.

This was a play first conceived as part of the first ever Exchange project with the National Theatre of Scotland.  Challenged to think about what it meant to be young, Scottish and International, this is what happened!  Should our gang stay home in the Highlands and get a job with the local tourist attraction, or leave that life behind?  Hilarious and sweet, bawdy and bold “Strictly Scottish” pricks the perfect bubble view of the Highlands today.

Best performed by:  Teens

Audience Age best for:  Teens and adult

Curriculum benefits:  Drama, English, Business Studies (Tourism), HE (Costume)  Tech (Set)

Running Time:  One hour.  Best without and interval.

Cast:  6     3 males aged 18-25, 5 aged 15-20

Sound & Light:  Benefits from good lighting, opportunities for pre-recorded or live music.  Some live Gaelic Song recommended.

Set:  Can be simple or complex.  Chat to us about a clever idea our designer had!

Costume:  Scottish 18th Century, Fantasy, and modern day.