Set in 1979 but first seen in 1996 at the Edinburgh Fringe, Guising tells the story of 8 children and their last months of true childhood before “big school”.  Set amidst the traditions of a Scottish Halloween, against a backdrop of Thatcherism and Nationalism, the children’s little lives mirror the prejudices of their parents.  A balance of nostalgic laughs and bittersweet truths about growing up.  Great fun to be had here with adult actors playing the primary aged kids of the Spangles and Honk Kong Fooey generation.

refreshing….wit and a strong grasp of reality, making it all the more funny”  The Stage

Best performed by:  Adults or older teens

Suitable for classroom script reading?  Yes

Audience Age best for:  11 to adult

Curriculum benefits:  Drama, English,History,  Art & Design, Technical subjects (set building), HE (costume).  Useful for any Halloween or Scottish Customs projects, or sessions about Scottish Nationalism/Prejudice/Citizenship.

Running Time:  1 hour 10, can be run with or without interval

Cast: 5 males, 3 females

Sound & Light:  Recorded.  Simple or complex lighting.

Singing and Dancing:  Tiny amount of singing Traditional Scottish songs, and one Disco Dance.

Set: As simple or as complex as you like.

Costume, Hair and Make up: 1970’s school uniform, plus specific Halloween costumes (home made – it is the 70’s!)

TOP TIP:  Stage with a 70’s raffle or 70’s interval snacks