This is an epic play, from Tzarist Russia to the Socialist Soviet Union via Revolution.  Told through monologues, stylised staging, music and dance, this affecting, sweepingly terrifying period of world history, is set amidst the lives of two families striving to survive.

Best performed by:   Adults, Teens and Children.  A great inter-generational script, or a good choice for schools looking to involve all years.

Audience Age best for:  Teens and adults, but older children can watch too.

Curriculum benefits:  History, Modern Studies, Drama, English, Languages, Music.  If staging then PE (dance/gymnastics) Tech subjects (theatre design)

Running Time:  Around 90 minutes plus interval

Cast: Large Cast of at least 20.  Ideal for around 80+

Sound & Light:  Benefits from good lighting, Pre-recorded or live music.  Opportunities for Balalaika and Russian music.  Solo and group singing.  Russian songs.  Music by Chaz Stewart may be available.

Set:  Can be simple or complex.

Costume:  19th/20th century Russian/Soviet/White Russian/Military/Communist

“there was no happy ending.  But it was GREAT theatre”  The Bridge