The moments that made me, me.  Created for National Theatre of Scotland’s Exchange in 2009, this is the sweet, quirky story of how three sisters came to be. From the moment their father had a sparkle in his eye to the day they sat by the loch watching the light, as they pondered how life was and might be, as they separate to go their own paths. Hilarious moments come from glow in the dark pro-creation, live births and those family moments that make us laugh.  This is a good choice for a skilled youth theatre, looking to have fun with physical theatre, UV light, puppets and dance.

Best performed by:  Older teens

Suitable for classroom script reading?  Yes, but it is a physical piece with dance.

Audience Age best for:  12 plus

Curriculum benefits:   Drama, English,  Art & Design, PLP/PSE, Technical subjects (set building), HE (costume).

Running Time:  One hour.

Cast:  Minimum of 8 but can easily be more.

Sound & Light:  Pre recorded.  Lighting can be simple, but does benefit from Now and The Past, plus other lighting states.

Singing and Dancing:  Opportunities for Tap, Highland, Street and Ballet.   Possibility to sing in foreign languages.

Set: This can be done simply, but it depends what suits you.sparkles

Costume, Hair and Make up:  Mainly modern.