Commissioned a few years ago, this play was created in response to young people working with HUG, and their concerns around eating disorders and body image.  This play aimed at secondary pupils, is a powerful and yet often funny exploration about media pressures and family dynamics, set in the stressful build up to a wedding.  Big Day toured the Highlands and was supported by NHS, mental health and youth groups.

Best performed by:  Professional adult performers.

Audience Age best for:  Teens and adults (who work with teens).

Curriculum benefits:  PSE, Drama, English, HE. Also part of any mental health and body image/eating disorder work.

Running Time:  40 minutes

Cast:  4     1 male aged 18, 1 female age 40, 1 female aged 60+, 1 female aged 15

Sound & Light:  Recorded music. Please remember PRS.  Can work well without lighting.

Set:   In a hotel bedroom with bathroom in view. Recommended use of screens or projections.

Costume, Hair and Make Up:  Naturalistic, with wedding party outfits.

NB:  This work is best viewed with supporting workshops before and after. Supporting related professional health and youth workers should be on hand to direct the audience to various pathways of help.