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Featre Fairy says try it!


YES AND... A game about imagination, spontaneity, spoken word…and best of all acceptance, which is great for improvisation.  This is a group game.

Stand or sit in a circle.  The first person makes an offer eg “Would you like to go on holiday?”.  The next person answers “Yes, and…”  At “and” they add something, such as “Yes, and, we could fly to Brazil.”  The next person continues, perhaps saying something like “Yes, and we could go to the rainforest.”.  And so on round the circle.  It can become as fantastical as the group wants or stay very “ordinary”.

Want to take it further?  Then try asking each person to become more animated or to exaggerate their face, body and voice.  Or get the person speaking to move across the circle and say “Yes, and…” to someone, creating a little more movement.  The person they choose to cross to will then go on to choose someone across the circle.

Yes, and come back next month for another great game to play.