Most of us who work with Bright Productions lend a hand with Dramafish Studios, in Kinlochleven.  We love where we live and try to do our bit to support the arts in Lochaber.

Dramafish is a not for profit organisation set up by Ilona Munro in 2011, Dramafish has a tiny but good grafting committee and bunch of volunteers, and between them they try to promote creativity in many forms. How do they do this?

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Firstly they have a building. Dramafish Studios is in Kinlochleven, and provides an arts hub for South Lochaber. Costumes, props, equipment and all manner of theatre stuff can be borrowed by community groups, schools and individuals for a donation. There is also a rehearsal/club room, remote radio/film editing suite, kitchen, and  storage. The space can be rented and is a popular place for children’s parties.


There is also a facebook page.  On that page there is constantly updated information on everything to do with the arts across the whole of Lochaber. There are also postings on nationally important arts news.


Dramafish also run classes and clubs in and out of the building. Popular just now is RocksKool with Pauley Paul.   If you love drama and want to get involved with youth or community theatre, or if you need a little assistance, then Dramafish is the organisation to “ping”.

THE ARTS SHOW.  And we couldn’t leave this page without reminding you about our Arts Show on Nevis Radio.