Corporate and Charity

Theatre is a great way to communicate. Live performance can enhance business marketing, be a great tool for training, and be an exciting and meaningful way to explore the issues and aims of charitable organisations.  It is also great for entertaining in the rain.

“ I can resist anything but temptation”

So said Oscar Wilde.  Can we make your marketing a little more irresistible?

We can write a specially created advert just for your business and then we can bring it to life.  We can record it and edit your advert ready for radio or internet.

Click to hear advert:  The Stables Xmas advert. 

Gorilla or Glamourpuss?

Photo 28-11-2014 18 55 20

Causing mischief at Cameron Square’s big Christmas event, Fort William

Got a new venture on the go?  Want a bit of showbiz at your opening?  We can dress up and create a stir with costumed hosts.  You can even commission us to create a piece of entertainment that suits your launch.   Having a confident character or two at your event, means you can chat while we impart information, hand out leaflets, or even help serve and mingle.

The Play is the Thing

Having a track record in creating new work with many organisations, means we can create an original performance that illuminates your charity’s aims and projects.  You can even take us to conferences.Photo 13-02-2015 10 54 40

Our current show, Stigma, is back on tour.  Andy Thompson, Depute Head of Invergordon Academy, had this to say about the production:

“The workshops and play provided an invaluable opportunity to highlight the key issues surrounding mental health to pupils, and to give them advice and support.”

No Not More Training Days!

Are your training sessions lacking lustre?  Have you thought about having live performance to make your trainees sit up and take note?  Ever thought about a humorous song that makes difficult things stick?  Ever wanted someone to role play with?  If you haven’t thought any of those things but are thinking now…don’t think too hard.  We will spend time with you learning the outcomes you need from training and together we can come up with creative, meaningful, enjoyable ways to use live performance to get your points across.