Hogmanay in the Highlands.  Three generations of men.  Traditions, banter, song.  The whisky should probably stay in the cupboard. 

Out of Glencoe comes a lovingly, dysfunctional, all-male tale of lost dreams, long held hurts and father-son ties, told with a very Scottish voice and new songs.  The kind of songs sung at a New Year’s party.

Jonny had a minor hit once, but no one would know.  Especially since those five homogenised wee bams have covered his song and made it a major Christmas hit.   John is Jonny’s son.  John blames his Dad a lot for his failing life.   And then there is Jack.  John’s wee lad who is suddenly coming to stay for New Year.  John hasn’t seen Jack for some time.  Just as well Fisher is around to keep spirits bright.  But then strong spirits were always the problem.

Our show is now getting great reviews.  Audiences say that is is both funny and emotional, and they love the traditional Hogmanay set up and songs.  It’s our last few shows at Edinburgh.