Wow Your Wedding, Bling Your Birthday


Pauly and the Zombies

Anniversaries, themed party nights, weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, children’s parties… you name it, we can probably do it!  At the centre of your adult celebration, is David Ogg.  With over twenty years’ experience as a DJ and radio presenter, David comes fully loaded!  With full disco sound and light, David is highly adaptable to your space and vision.  For teen events, try Pauly Paul, with his great mix of sounds and exciting horrror and UV themes.

Zombie Prom

Zombie Prom

And what about the children?  Our gang of hard working, happy entertainers can come to your house or hall, and give your child a themed, interactive birthday party.  Traditional games with a theatrical twist are your special party piece.  We can even lend mums and dads costume for the day.

space party

The Big Day

Everyone knows that weddings have to be just how the bride wants it.  If you have been thinking of something different for the guests you love, try one of our discos, combined with a “Children’s Room”.  Our Children’s Rooms’ come with dress up, activities and lots and lots of fun.